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The formula for a beautiful space is one part style, one part design. It is a culmination of colours and textures, fabrics and form that make coming home a divine experience.

At Bella Moda Home Furnishings, we create beautiful and inviting settings entrenched in more than 100 years of furniture experience. From impeccably dressed rooms to vibrant vignettes, our store is comprised of quality products and seasoned staff.

The seating, the tables, the bedroom furniture, the lamps and the rugs – every piece is hand-selected from around the globe to help you create the perfect room or renovation for your home.

Whether you are in the market for handcrafted furniture or a stunning statement piece, our team will sit down with you to uncover your design aspirations. Then together we will bring your vision to life through collaboration and even an in-home visit if requested. We bring functionality to your design requirements by measuring, floor planning, and hanging.

We are proud to partner with the world’s leading manufacturers in style and workmanship including Natuzzi Italia, American Leather, Palliser and Calligaris to name just a few.

Specializing in custom order pieces and personalized interior design service, we’re your store for contemporary modern classics, beautiful design and art.




Has been in the furniture business for 25 years. She has a degree in Interior Design from the University of Manitoba and a fondness for kitchens. Perhaps because she loves to cook, and likely where you can find her if she’s not travelling the world.

 She enjoys archery and believes one should never feel guilty about doing what makes you happy – like strumming the guitar or splurging on a big cozy sofa; she is grateful for her parents and the relationship they share. Doreen thinks style is best when it is functional and that art like clothing depicts personality.

 “A well-designed room is a combination of fabric and textures, scents and sounds. Together they enhance the ambiance of a space.” When it comes to interior design, Doreen aspires to demystify the notion that you can’t mix styles. Her global experiences help her to do so.


With 35 years experience crafting style and styling homes, Carolin still loves to connect with people as she creates beautiful and comfortable spaces. Being in nature inspires and reminds her that by blending natural elements into our living spaces, we can blur the lines between outdoor elements and interior warmth.

She likes to unwind in front of a fire, with her husband Ken and their two girls, Freya and Sadie, miniature Golden Doodles. French fries are her guilty pleasure where as weight training, gardening and getting lost in a page-turning autobiography keeps her sane.

When it comes to interior design, Carolin believes each room should be equal parts function, beauty and comfort. “Start small,” she urges. “Focus on one quality item and build around it. Hang art, it adds personality and authenticity to a space. Try some cushions and throws to add texture, colour and function. Go ahead, bend the rules!”


 With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Dustin feels nothing completes a room like fashionable furnishings; that being able to incorporate natural elements into a home makes it feel warm and welcoming. And, when it comes to your sofa, yes, it can be pulled away from a wall. In fact, being able to walk around the entire sofa makes a room that much more artistic. 

 A great Americano and a well-written design blog are fixtures in Dustin’s life. As is the mantra to splurge on something you absolutely love. “Don’t worry about whether or not it matches, we’ll help you design around it.”  

 Art, books and greenery are must haves when completing a room - especially when it comes to a space, such as your dining room - where guests tend to linger for hours. “Kitchens are often where conversation starts, but I believe the living room is the utmost importance in a home. “It cultivates a sense of purpose whether that is entertaining friends or just hanging out with family watching a movie.” And it’s where comfort is key!


 Gary has been in the furniture business for the majority of his life. In fact, in the 40 plus years that he’s been in the industry, he’s worked in all aspects. Dependable as solid wood, he has been married for almost as long. He’s most proud of his daughter and loves to unwind in a comfortable spot, cheering for his favourite sports teams and sharing a pizza with those he loves most.

“My dad was my biggest inspiration,” he says. “He influenced me to be the person I am today. I guess that’s maybe why a family room is so important to me when it comes to design. It’s the meeting spot for many reasons.”

“I’ve been in the design business a long time,” he says. “I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, especially seeing the evolution.” Gary feels colours and textures add depth to a space, that toss cushions and accessories complete a room, and if you’re going to splurge on anything, do so in the kitchen. “Choose what you love,” he says. “Because it is possible to add budget pieces or coveted ones, including art, to create the most elegant look.”


 Ken loves buying furniture for the store. With 26 years experience, he is most proud of his family and the upcoming 10-year anniversary of Bella Moda. “It has been the toughest ten years of my life, but also the most rewarding.”

 Inspired by local business owners and their many success stories, his favourite room of the house by far is the family room where, in winter, he loves to relax in front of the TV, listening to the crackle of a wood-burning fireplace. “I am a firm believer that you don’t have to sacrifice design for comfort,” he says. As for the rest of the year, you can find him enjoying time spent in the backyard or indulging his sweet tooth while browsing furniture online.

 “Art on the walls is just as important an investment as the furniture,” he says. A fan of the mid-century modern era and Frank Lloyd Wright, he likes clean lines that evoke warmth, and candles. “I love the ambiance of scented candles. We just created three different ones exclusive to Bella Moda.”


 “I love creating beautiful rooms for people to come home to. There is nothing like sitting down in a space that makes you feel happy. After all, happiness leads to relaxation followed by good thoughts.”

 Inspired by changing trends, after 30 years in the industry, Maribeth loves how past styles come back and new ones are born. She also loves how leading manufacturers are designing comfortable furniture without comprising style and design. Brilliant!

 Mother of three, when time permits, she enjoys yoga and reading. “Natural elements in a room are a growing trend,” she says. “Having pieces of nature present evokes a sense of wellbeing.”

 That’s the wonder of furniture, it tells a story about the people who purchase it and the way it is used. “Space is so personal,” she says. “It should reflect how you and your family live. It should tell people who you are and what you like. A kitchen for example can be purely functional or invite family and friends to stay for hours. If so, comfort is a must!”